Product Development

We serve client to develop their product in product formulation, 

ingredients review, regulations, safety , and quality etc, in order to fulfill their requirements and market needs.

Product Procurement

We procure products oversea in a competitive price and high quality, including food supplements and food for both human and pets. Locations include United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada and China.

Product Certification

Alagate has established a Product Certification program (the "AA Mark") for Pet's Food and Supplements, which cover review on factory license and qualification, production process, ingredients, product certificate, safety reports and product quality etc. The Certification scheme is in a yearly renewal basis and has to fulfill all the requirements prior for renewal.

as to apply, please click and fill-in the form "AA Mark" application form

Granted Products

Certificate No. Company Name Product Name Lot No. / Best Before Date Picture
AAPF200121 T & Y Biologics Investment Limited Anti-Aging Formula TYFH101001 / 27/10/2022
AAPF200221 T & Y Biologics Investment Limited Anti-Aging & Liver Guard Formula TYFH102001 / 30/11/2022
AAPF200321 Hong Kong Chai Sai Tong Medical Limited Cordyceps Mycelium Cs-4 "Capsule for Pets" PC04012021 / 26/1/2023
AAPF200421 Greenwood Partner (HK) Limited 「寵物健靈」蟲草Cs-4 GW2:2102 /2024/02/09
AAPF200521 Greenwood Partner (HK) Limited 「寵物健靈」雲芝精華 GW5:2103 / 2024/02/09
AAPF200621 Greenwood Partner (HK) Limited 「寵物健靈」靈芝精華 GW1:2102 / 2024/02/09
AAPF200721 LOTY (HK) Limited LOTY health Pet's Anti-aging Eye Care formula LT032108 /2024/02/21
AAPF200821 LOTY (HK) Limited LOTY health Pet's Pure Wall-Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spores LT082107 / 2024/07/20
AAPF200921 LOTY (HK) Limited LOTY health Pet's Cordyceps Mycelium Cs-4 LT092107 / 2024/07/20
AAPF201021 LOTY (HK) Limited LOTY health Pet's Pure Yunzhi Essence formula LT072111 / 2024/11/14