The Alagate Chinese Medicine Fund (Alagate CM Fund)

Benefiting from the support of the industry, The Alagate Chinese Medicine Fund (Alagate CM Fund) is a private fund established by Alagate Limited in 2021, for which Alagate will contribute at least HK$50,000 into the fund for every year. The main purpose is to promote and assist the development of the Chinese Medicine industry. Support the Chinese Medicine industry in Hong Kong. The Fund will try its best to benefit the entire Chinese Medicine industry at different levels of institutions and activities, including Chinese Medicine institutions, organizations, chambers of commerce or societies, universities and higher education institutions, etc. Projects and activities to be supported by the Fund such as academic lectures and seminars, Chinese Medicine promotion or exhibition, personnel training and school scholarships, etc. The Fund welcomes applications from organizations or individuals in the Chinese Medicine industry. You are welcome to call or email us for any enquiry.